FW 2024

The story behind the collection

Introducing F/W 2024 Bridal Collection, “Eternal Flame,” where the radiant glow of feminine empowerment meets the timeless elegance of everlasting love, inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s pioneering artistry. Much like O’Keeffe’s fearless exploration of sensuality through magnified flowers, the “Eternal Flame” collection is a blazing celebration of the profound beauty, strength, and resilience of femininity. In the heart of the “Eternal Flame” Collection, Lee Petra Grebenau unveils 14 remarkable luxury wedding dresses that include alluring plunging necklines, seductive open backs and dramatic sleeves. These gowns symbolize more than just attire; they are a testament to the enduring flame that burns within every bride on their special day. Cocooned in a palette of powdery creams and dreamy tones, each dress is an ode to magnifying the bride’s unique beauty, echoing O’Keeffe’s intricate layers of petals. The “Eternal Flame” Collection embraces diversity, offering a range of styles to cater to every bride’s individual desires. Whether a bride dreams of a classic ball gown that evokes timeless romance, or a sleek, mermaid silhouette that exudes femininity, this collection will ignite her inner flame. Every gown within the “Eternal Flame” Collection is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of everlasting romance, with delicate lace, rich floral elements, coordinating toppers and veils, ethereal fabrics, and intricate details, symbolizing the enduring commitment shared between two souls. “Eternal Flame” is a fiery statement of empowerment, a tribute to O’Keeffe’s daring spirit, and an invitation for brides to embrace their multifaceted femininity. With these gowns, we ignite the flames of unwavering confidence, inviting every bride to step boldly into their wedding day, celebrating their unique beauty and inner strength on this extraordinary journey of love and commitment.

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